Increase efficiency and improve the customer experience using our ready-to-use AI assistant for phone and chat

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Unique hybrid AI assistant for customer contact

Our Hybrid AI Assistant uses the power of generative AI to deliver unparalleled recognition of customer queries in multiple languages and the ability to add dynamic conversations, without sacrificing the reliability of responses.

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Manage the AI assistant with our user-friendly platform

The DGTL Assist platform provides access to the most advanced AI in a user-friendly package. This gives you easy control over how customer questions are answered, and access to valuable insights in our extensive analytics environment.

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Your implementation and optimization partner

Beautiful technology is of no use without thorough implementation and continuous optimization. We ensure that our customers do not have to worry about training AI, building integrations and designing flows.

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Your success is our success. Therefore we promise.

Fastest time-to-value

A wide range of ready-to-use use cases and integrations, combined with automatic response generation, makes it possible to go live with an enterprise-grade AI assistant within weeks. We take care of you every step of the way.

No black box, stay in control!

With our user-friendly CMS platform and hybrid architecture, you remain in control of which questions the digital assistant answers and how the assistant handles them. This way you communicate consistently and always on-brand, without the risk of hallucinations.

Positive ROI guaranteed

We believe in sustainable collaboration and are only satisfied when we actually make an impact. Together we determine an objective that we will exceed within 3 months. If this doesn’t work, you are not committed to anything.

Safe and responsible

Privacy and security are an integral part of DGTL Assist solutions. Our platform is secured with 2FA. Data is stored securely on local servers of Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure and personal data is anonymized.

A digital assistant specialized in your industry!

The added value of the DGTL Assist platform has already been demonstrated within several industries. Benefit immediately from the expertise acquired in your industry. Read more about the common applications and success stories within your industry.

Our proven approach for success

How we move from determining the scope to making impact in 4 easy steps.

1. Determining scope

We determine the (technical) requirements based on your specific wishes and situation and share our proposal.
No customization required? No setup costs!

2. Implementation

The DGTL Assist team sets up the platform and connects it with your systems and data sources so that answers are automatically generated. You only need to do a final check and you are ready to go-live!

3. Testing & Go-live

Once all the necessary setups and linkages are in place, the final step is to thoroughly test the integrations and ensure that all data seamlessly flows into your systems. Only when the light turns green, we confidently press the button!

4. Optimizing

As soon as the digital assistant engages with real customers, we swiftly prioritize understanding and effectively addressing their inquiries. We consistently strive to enhance the customer experience, proactively seeking ways to improve.

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