Gain in-depth insights with our call analytics platform

With our call analytics platform you know exactly what your customers are contacting you about, at a detailed level, so you can prevent these reasons for contact.

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​What is call analytics?

What Google Analytics is for your website, is call analytics for your digital assistant. Sometimes referred to as contact center analytics, it often focuses on understanding conversations between live agents and customers. Call analytics provides insights into how interactions between customers and voicebots (or chatbots) unfold. This way, you can pinpoint exactly what customers are contacting you about and evaluate the AI assistant’s performance.

What are the benefits of call analytics?

✓ The era of manually classifying conversation topics is over. In our call analytics dashboard, you can see why customers reach out, both at the high-level category and specific customer query level.

✓ We have nothing to hide and offer full transparency in the assistant’s results: how many conversations are handled automatically, result in a service ticket, or get escalated to an agent.

✓ An AI assistant is never static; it continuously evolves and becomes smarter. Valuable insights, including which questions are still unrecognized, are essential for improving results and enhancing the customer experience.

“Before collaborating with DGTL Assist, we had limited insight into the reasons for customer contact. Thanks to the user-friendly dashboard and continuous advice from DGTL Assist, we are increasingly able to optimize the entire customer journey. This allows us to prevent unnecessary customer interactions and enhance the performance of our digital assistant.”

Kim Raijmakers

Prijsvrij Vakanties

What call analytics insights can you expect?

✓ Volume and results per day, week and month

✓ Contact reasons, at different levels

✓ Contact volume per day of the week and hour of the day

✓ Transcripts of conversations

✓ Overview of unrecognized questions

✓ Customer feedback

✓ Filter by brand, channel, language or subject

✓ Gain insight into sentiment

In-depth customer service insights within your reporting environment

The greatest value is achieved when the broader company has easy access to customer service insights. DGTL Assist enables the integration of call analytics data into your own data sources and reporting environment.