The best AI solutions for customer contact automation

DGTL Assist makes customer contact automation accessible to companies that are not interested in time consuming, expensive and risky custom (inhouse) projects. DGTL Assist helps with short-term scalability and efficiency, without sacrificing customer experience.

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​How we make an enterprise-grade AI assistant accessible

Any company that employs people to handle customer queries can benefit from AI.
Unfortunately, it is not that easy to successfully automate customer contact via telephone and chat. Because;

  • Where do you start?
  • What technology do you need?
  • How do you integrate this with your existing IT infrastructure?
  • How do you gain insight into performance?
  • And last, how do you optimize it?

At DGTL Assist we offer ready-to-use solutions, along with intensive consultancy and support. This not only makes it convenient, but also ensures a high return on investment.

Ready-to-use AI assistant

DGTL Assist’s AI Assistant is packed with skills and integrations, especially for travel and e-commerce. It’s quick to set up and can handle common customer queries from the get-go. All this without breaking the bank or eating up your time.

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Easily control the AI assistant

Brain, our CMS at DGTL Assist, lets users control the assistant’s responses in any language or platform, no coding needed. This way, we make top-notch AI, usually for developers, easy to use for customer service staff.

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Call analytics

The insights dashboard shows what customers are asking and how well the AI assistant can manage conversations. This info is key to constantly improving the customer experience and the assistant’s performance.

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Making AI Work for You through ongoing guidance and support

If you’re not an expert in AI or too busy to focus on it, it might not get the care it needs. We often see chatbots that annoy more than help. That’s why we’re here to handle this specialized task for you.

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