Designed to make your life easier!

We succeeded in developing a ready-to-use tool for your customer care department. We make sure that launching the Digital Assistant requires a minimum amount of your valuable resources. Learn more.

Launch your Digital Assistant in 4 Easy Steps

We help you launch your Digital Assistant in record time. There is no need for a big inhouse team or dedicated resources to manage this project. We will help you in every step.

Step 1: The assistant studies your business and builds a first version of itself

With the help of generative AI a first version of your Digital Assistant is created based on your documentation or knowledge base. Frequently asked questions are automatically selected that are applicable to your business. Are there any missing frequently asked questions in the catalog? No problem! You can easily add extra questions from our ecommerce catalog or we can create custom intents that are unique for your business.

Step 2. The assistant fact checks itself and suggests what answers to review

Adjust answers in multiple languages and determine the ideal follow-up per question. Whether you want to validate if your answer was helpful, create a callback ticket or force a human handover to one of your agents. With a click of a button you decide you ideal flow.

Step 3: Integrate with your contact center and ecommerce software

The quality of answers can drastically be improved by integrating with your systems. With our easy to use API portal we help you setup the right connections and retrieve the information you need. Discover our plug & play integrations.

Step 4. Start testing and go live!

With our integrated chat module you can test if the digital asssisant is working correctly. You can also call to our test number and you can test the Digital Phone Assistant in real-life. Once everything is tested you can start forwarding your incoming calls to our Digital Assistant and you are live!

Collaboration in partnership: the key to unlocking success

At DGTL Assist, we prioritize close collaboration with our clients because we know that it’s the key to maximizing impact. Welcome to a partnership built on teamwork and client-centricity.


First we want to get to know you and your business, and we’ll demonstrate our solution and answer any question you may have.


After understanding your business and requirements you’ll receive our proposal including costs for any potential custom integrations.


When the agreement is signed we’ll onboard you into our platform and assist you with the successful implementation of the assistant.

Continues optimization

Once the Digital Phone Assistant is live the fun begins of continuesly optimizing and improving the customer experience.